If you observe you pet scooting or dragging their bottom along the floor, it may be an indicator that your pet’s anal glands are inflamed. Dogs and cats have anal glands that are positioned right outside of their rectum on either side of the anus. The glands are responsible for secreting a smelly, oily substance thought to be a territorial marker. The anal glands are a natural part of your pet’s anatomy, and therefore should function properly without intervention. Typically, the passage of a normal bowel movement is sufficient in depositing the contents of the anal sacs. If your pet exhibits allergies that result in the inflammation of the sacs, experiences loose stool or diarrhea, or was granted some unfortunate genetics, they may have lost their ability to express their glands naturally. If the problem is left untreated, there is the potential of an infection developing.  An infection arises due to the blockage of the ducts caused by the inflammation of local tissue.  Pets scoot their bottoms while attempting to empty the glands on their own. Some pets will also result to licking or biting at their bottoms. If you observe these symptoms, we suggest you bring in your pet in to have them examined by one of our veterinarians. 

Category: Maintaining Your Pet's Health

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