Exercise is considered any activity that causes your dog to breathe heavily and increases their heart rate. There a few variables that need to be considered when discussing an exercise regime for a dog. First and foremost, each dog has their own unique exercise requirements. To determine the appropriate length and exercise method for your dog, you will need to do a little investigating. Observe your dog and their habits. What time of day gets your dog breathing the heaviest? Does your dog prefer to go for a run or a swim? Exercise should ultimately be an enjoyable time for your dog. It is a fabulous way for them to stay physically fit and healthy, but can also help eliminate behaviorally issues, such as separation anxiety. Schedule a wellness exam today to have one of our vets examine your dog and ensure they are healthy enough to begin exercising.  Next, gradually work your dog into an exercise routine.  Do not be surprised if they are a bit sore the next day. Just as humans are sore after a hard workout at the gym, our pets experience muscle soreness too!

Category: Maintaining Your Pet's Health

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