Vaccines are crucial in preventing many illnesses that your pet is susceptible to. Vaccines work in tandem with your pet’s immune system to fight the intrusion of disease-causing invaders. Each vaccine contains a unique antigen that mimics the appearance of the actual disease-causing invader. After the vaccine is administered, the immune system is immediately alerted and it manufactures memory cells that grant your pet an immunological memory. The vaccine itself does not actually cause the disease, but merely introduces a small strain which enable the immune system to build an army of defenders ready to be deployed if you pet were to actually come into contact with the specific disease. Today there are many vaccines that target specific diseases and illnesses. The veterinarians at the Westgate Animal Clinic can assist you in establishing an effective vaccination regime for your pet. Immunizations may cause mild symptoms including soreness at the injection site, fever, or an allergic reaction. To seek information regarding Nebraska’s laws governing the rabies vaccine please click here.

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