Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you schedule an appointment, answer any questions you have, and relay messages to our veterinarians. Our office puts forth a sincere effort to get back to you as quickly as possible.

The Westgate Animal Clinic does not offer overnight care. If your pet needs immediate assistance outside of our hours of operation, we recommend you seek care from:

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Client Testimonials:

“This clinic was able to get us in the same day after our dog was having some very scary health concerns. The veterinarian took the time to explain to us what was happening in a way that we could both understand. Dr. Petersen and his staff are amazing. The clinic appeared to have a very reasonable price scale and had the medication we needed on hand. We will definitely be bringing Icarus back!” – Cindy F.

“I took my cat Twoee to this new vet and was very impressed with how much the staff really cared about him and how affordable it was. The Dr. was awesome and answered all my questions. I highly reccomend this clinic for anyone needing amazing, affordable care for their pets! The price was at least half the price of the previous clinic I took the boys to.” – Stephanie C.

“I went in Monday for the first time for my 10 year old German Shepherd Ela’s annual check up. Dr. Petersen took his time to answer all my questions, and gave me some great advice on how to relieve her hip and joint pains! I have have high hopes for some relief for my old baby. I love the friendly staff, the cleanliness, and the prices! My Shepherd is aggressive and Dr. Peterson and his vet tech took the time to introduce themselves to my dog, and she became friendly with them! It was such a relief! Thank you Dr. Petersen and thank you to all your staff. You guys were great to work with!” – Ashlee L.

“Dr. Fred and the staff are super and very friendly. We have a 2 year old Great Dane/Akita/German Shepherd/Possible Wolf mix who weighs about 110 and on his hind legs is around 5’6″, he’s very friendly but he’s very energetic and he was mistreated as a pup before we adopted him so he’s not trusting of people outside his family and taking him into the vet was a chore. But when he went to Westgate he was almost much more calm and he let the staff and Dr Fred examine without a fuss it was amazing. They are awesome, I tell everyone I know to go to Westgate.” – Mick S.

“I got your mailer and stopped by to have a look. The front desk gal was very knowledgeable and friendly and she invited me to research your clinic and professionals out on your website.
The website looks good. The office is new and fresh, and the hours of operation are good as well. I also love that our neighborhood finally has a Vet!” – Cindy F.

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