Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog for the Westgate Animal Clinic! Far before our doors opened, Dr. Petersen envisioned creating a blog he will author that keeps our clients well informed, engaged, and educated in pet health and wellness. An array of topics will be displayed, introducing a variety of veterinary medical matters that are both stimulating and significant. Our team believes in keeping our clients well informed about the care we provide. As the advocate for your pet, it is our job to share the vital information with you so you are well equipped to make medical decisions on behalf of your pet. This blog is an extension of the knowledge you gain from our veterinarians and veterinary technicians. We hope to touch on frequent medical cases presented in our office, common diseases and health concerns for pets, and treatment options.

We have been incredibly eager and excited to add new members to the furry Westgate Animal Clinic family. Our clinic is unique in that our founder, Dr. Petersen, analyzed his seven years of veterinary experience and designed a clinic completely from the perspective of the patient, your pets. Our clinic has 6 waiting rooms for the convenience of decreasing the amount of time our patients spend in our waiting room and traffic in our office. This grants you more face-time with our veterinarians and decreases the anxiety your pet may feel in an unfamiliar environment. All of the equipment in our office is brand-new and state of the art. We have modernized our office to be paperless, having all charting and scans be digital. Dr.Petersen sincerely believes that vet care should be affordable and accessible to all. Our prices are a reflection of how truly important we believe vetting your pet is. We pride ourselves in our transparent prices, meaning we do not have hidden costs. The Westgate Animal Clinic earnestly strives to provide extraordinary care, using exception and reliable equipment, delivered by an experienced and dedicated team of professionals. Each individual team member has their own pets they return home to each evening. We each understand the unique bond and love that develops for our pets, and we promise to treat your pet as if it were our own.

We sincerely hope to gain the trust of each of our clients. We hope that you will feel comfortable asking questions, voicing concerns, and ultimately trust that our team is here to provide the best care possible for your pet. Our workday ends when you and your pet are comfortable, not when the clock reaches the time on our door. During challenging visits we will provide you honest information, but in an empathetic and supportive manner. We look forward to celebrating new additions to families, pet milestones, and hearing all the goofy memories you and your pets share. The Westgate Animal Clinic is more than a veterinary clinic that strives to help animals in need. We care. Schedule an appointment with us today and see for yourself that we are not like most vets.



Cindy Farrell

I got your mailer and today I stopped by to have a look. The front desk gal was very knowledgeable and friendly and she invited me to research your clinic and professionals out on your website.
The website looks good. The office is new and fresh, and the hours of operation are good as well. I also love that our neighborhood finally has a Vet!

Katelyn Menolascino

Thank you very much for your kind words, Cindy. We hope to care for your pets in the future at our clinic!


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