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Anal Sacs: The Smelly Story


What are anal sacs? Anal sacs are a pair of small sacs that lie inside the anus between the internal and external... Read More

Happy President’s Day! Did you know Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) hosted the largest and most diverse collection of pets at the White House? He literally had a living zoo on White House grounds hosting an assortment of snakes, a badger, lion, hyena, zebra, and five bears. And that is not including the "normal" pets, like the dogs, cats, horses, birds, rats, and guinea pigs. Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929) might have been inspired by Roosevelt, as he also had a large collection of pets in addition to an onsite zoo. He welcomed a wide assortment of dog breeds, bird species, a domesticated raccoon named Rebecca, a bobcat, wallaby, pygmy hippo, bear, and two lions named Tax Reduction and Budget Bureau. ... See MoreSee Less

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